Tuesday, November 18


Bebaru ini aku sengaja menekan satu pautan di laman Facebook aku yang bertajuk "What Is Your True Personality?" [click here]


Dan berikut merupakan hasil akhirnya:

"You are an Educator!

You are a very passionate, dedicated and creative person. You love to teach other people, inspire them and spark ideas in their heads. You have a gift for persuasion, which helps you talk to others and explain yourself. Although you do love to teach, you know when it’s the right time to let go and just be yourself.

A lot of people see you as wise and rational, which makes you the perfect person to confide with and ask for pieces of advice.

You are truly an amazing person, and your contribution to the world is greatly appreciated."


Entah betul, entah tidak. Aku pun tidak tahu.

Namun, pada aku, dalam setiap kita-kita ada jiwa "educator" yang sentiasa cuba mengajarkan manusia tentang arti kehidupan sebenar.

Seorang rasul, seorang ibu, seorang bapa, seorang abang, seorang adik, seorang kenalan, bahkan seorang pemandu teksi. Semuanya pun ada jiwa "educator" dalam diri mereka; yang mengajarkan 1001 perihalan.

Dari arti cinta kepada arti kebencian.

Dari arti pengorbanan kepada arti dijadikorbankan.

Dari arti kegembiraan kepada arti kesedihan.


Monday, November 10


“You (we) are the future leaders! You are the one who are response-able to steer our nation beyond now!” they said.

But still, we are students you know. To steer the nation? Hey, don’t ever expect THAT much from us. That is a pretty huge gigantic burden you are about to put on our shoulders. Those are the elder citizen kind of things, not us.


Just please, don’t abuse us with this nonsense.


So, what do you think? Is it rationally true? Are being young and immature are the good excuses to neglect our response-ability towards our nation? Is being a mere medical student is the most epic reason we have to hid ourselves from the havoc-ity happening around us?

Well, it might be easy for me say NO ‘cause I’m on a “holiday” right now. I kinda forget about all the hectic-ness of medical student’s life, you know, about all the pact schedules, the tons of book to read, the ILOs, about balancing studies and social life and so on and so on.

I just don’t remember.


The sole main singular point I wanna make here is (like it or not) we ARE responsible to make our nation a better nation.

And what is the best way to do “this” other than making ourselves better first.

There is a lot of stuff we can do to be a better version of us.

And one of them is by being one with the crowd; try to join the various kind of events organized OR try to be the one who organized.


Having so much free time on my hand really bore me to death. So, I decided to join in any committee who needs people to run the events. I dare to swear, that is one of the wisest decision I ever made.


By being in the team who organize, we can learn so many new things; we can learn on how to interact with different types of people, we can learn on how to handle situations and we can learn on how to organize ourselves. Hence, being a better version of us.

These are things we called “experience”. The skills we couldn’t learn entirely from books. Have you ever play games before? Without EXP, we can never level up.


But, hell yeah! Despite all the things written above, we are still a student. Never neglect our responsibility as a student. Never be too “terikut-ikut” with the current issues. Be open-minded. Be principled. Love your parents. Be polite to one another. Just grab the chances in front of your very own eyes.


Sunday, November 9


Mati adalah perkara biasa.

Semua orang pun akan merasainya. Cuma berbeza bila, di mana dan bagaimana. Termasuk aku, kita-kita semua akan, suatu hari nanti, mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada kehidupan yang sedang kita nikmati sekarang ini.

Hidup ini terlalu singkat untuk tidak menangis, untuk tidak ketawa, untuk tidak bersama-sama orang yang kita cintakan. Oleh sebab itu, penyesalan adalah kekalahan yang sangat menyempitkan. Selama kita bernafas ini, adalah lebih baik untuk kita terus bersenyum melangkah.

Menyedari hakikat ini, aku berhasrat untuk merakam buah fikirku dalam tulisan-tulisan. Kerana mati adalah kemestian, aku tidak mahu mati dalam sebuah kerugian. Aku ingin kekal memberi berkongsi walau di dunia ini, nanti, aku akan tiada lagi.

Akhir kata, mati adalah perkara biasa. Namun, mati dengan matlamat yang jelas adalah luar dari biasa-biasa.

Dan ini adalah langkah mula projek kematian yang menghidupkan. Mohon doa.