Thursday, March 31



Before i wrote this entry, i was watching MHI at TV3. the topic is about having a good sleep. which is coincidentally related with my previous entry. so, i made up my mind. the lesson for the cartoon-strip suppose to be sleeps adequately, work efficiently.

When i'm done with MHI, i try to search the word melatonin (the word used in MHI) via google. and i found something nice. melatonin is a natural hormone made up by our body to help us sleep. when there are too low melatonin, sleep will be a difficult task.

So, how to increase the amount of melatonin in our body? hey, i can't answer that precisely but i do know one thing. the production of melatonin is affected by the exposure of light. the lesser, the better. when you are sleeping in a dimly lit environment, melatonin will be produce more. and you shall have a good sleep.

Hey, there's more. have you ever heard or read this...

(Al Mu'min,ayat 61)
Allah yang menjadikan malam untuk kamu supaya kamu berehat padanya, dan menjadikan siang terang benderang (supaya kamu berusaha). Sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa melimpah-limpah kurniaNya kepada manusia seluruhnya, akan tetapi kebanyakan manusia tidak bersyukur.

(Al Mu'min, verse 61)
It is Allah Who has made the Night for you, that ye may rest therein, and the days as that which helps (you) to see. Verily Allah is full of Grace and Bounty to men: yet most men give no thanks.

Can't understand? here is my opinion (well, i'm not sure if this idea had been promoted before or not, but here it goes). Allah has made the night for us to rest. and night is always be related with dark environment. when it's dark, melatonin will be produced. and again. we'll have a very nice sleep. *whoaa*

Nice or what? islam and science do get along. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. i'm proud to be muslim. may Allah blesses us all.

peace out. yosh!

*Melatonin is a natural hormone made by your body's pineal gland - a pea-sized gland located in.... (click here to read more)

Tuesday, March 29




(This is my first cartoon-strip. hope you enjoy. do comment,okay.)



Have you ever reward yourself for the good deeds you do or for the achievement you got? if you don't, you should.

We as a human always needs something to be motivated. and one of them is a gift. don't just wait for your friends to bring you one. go to the shopping mall and pick one yourself.

Don't have enough money? so, just buy a cheap one. no one cares wheather yours is expensive or what. the gift is meant for you. just YOU! it's a trophy for your success.

Do you enjoy video games; ps2, ps3, XBOX 360? if you do, that's nice. i'm pretty sure you all have heard about the sims, right? in the game, everytime you complete a task, you'll be rewarded. that's the main idea. reward yourself for every task you complete.

There are many kind of ways to reward yourself other than a gift. how about treat yourself with a meal. or by watching the latest movie on screen.

As for me. i rather buy toys than other stuff. and right now i really want a bear for my gift. erk. not teddy bears okay. it's a BE@RBRICK. hey, how about you, readers, buy me one? sounds cool right? click HERE and contact me once you buy it,okay. :P

*BE@RBRICK is a collectible toy designed and produced by MediCom Toy Incorporated. The name is derived from the fact that the figure is a cartoon-style representation of a bear, and... (click HERE to read more)

Sunday, March 27


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I just updated my first blog (click here for the link.). now, it's time for this blog. sorry to say. (mostly) these two weeks' entries are related with spm's leavers. but, read it. (god's will) it'll come in handy.

Well, from my entry before. i already told you readers, there are some of my friends were really really really frustrated with their spm's result. i guess, there are no undo button to be clicked eyh. yep. totally. there are no undo button. no CTRL+Z. no DEL and certainly no BACKSPACE.

Frustration only can be cure by expressing it to someone. or by doing something you love. but i do understand. there are sometime, this kind of  act doesn't work at all. why? because we are too afraid to express it. we're too afraid to share. hey, fear not my readers.

He always will be there beside you, as long as you have faith in Him. share your problem with Him. Yes, of course. He already knew your story. but, what can i say. He'll love you more than ever when you are humbly asking for His guidance. try it. it totally works.

And readers. if you happen to know someone experiencing the same challenging moment. please please please. do show them that you care.

Okay, readers. until the next entry.

Friday, March 25


Hye. here down below is a very nice song. love it's lyrics. do enjoy. 

~Just when I thought I couldn`t lose, I realized that it's the only thing I knew (THE CLICK FIVE-GOOD DAY)

*Lexapro is used to treat anxiety in adults and major depressive disorder in adults and adolescents who are at least 12 years old. click here to read more


assalamualaikum w.b.t.

(this will be the second entry for today. do read through. thank you readers.)
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood

still remember this poem? we (spm 2011 candidates) learnt it when we were in form 4. the poem entitled the road not taken written by robert frost. the poem main idea is about choices in life.

so, how it is related with today's entry? well, choices is one thing we oftenly bump into in our everyday life. it's a very difficult task to handle with. currently, my friends (or readers) are saying about the courses they migth choose.

a few of them had choose. that's great. i'm pleased to hear that. meanwhile, most of them are actually facing conflicts with their parent. stop. never talk bad about your parent, okay. they are the one who raised us up until today.

when we're facing these kind of situation, the best thing to do is share. talk with someone who is very closed to you. the one you trust; your best friend, your siblings and the primary option, your parent.

express your problems. never keep it inside. or nevertheless it'll become worst. here is some interesting facts i would like to share with. credit to my friend, ashrul affiq for the link.

peace out.


Hye. today is a nice day here in kuantan. how about there, at your hometown?

Okay. usually, after taking the spm's result, there'll be a lot of scholarship offered on the web. you can click here for the list, though. there are Bank Negara Scholarship Award 2011/2012, JPA / MARA Overseas Degree Scholarship Program (PILN) 2011 and more. do spend your time for the link above.

Back to the main topid. i'd more than thousand friends (or readers), saying; "oh, gosh. i'm not qualified" "pity me" "my life has found it's end" and more. c'mon guys, there's still tomorrow, which mean, there's still hope.

Do apply for the scholarship. eventhough, we're(maybe) not qualified. we never knew the future planned for us up ahead. my counselor, cikgu wan nasrah said, "the more you apply(try), the better." so, just try and hope pray for the best.

Hope nothing unless you already try.

Thursday, March 24


~when one good man meet another good man. they'll be good men.  ( 1+1=2 / 2+2=4 )

~when one bad guy meet another bad guy. they'll be bad guys 
[-1+(-1)=-2 / -2+(-2)=-4 ]

~but, when one good man meet a bad guy. it depends. the results may be vary. [ 1+(-1)=0 / 1+(-2)=-1 / 2+(-1)=1 ]

In conclusion, be a dominant positive-thinker, because dominant one wins a lot. 

Wednesday, March 23


Assalamualaikum. thanks God. i passed. unexpected it was.

Hey, i can't believe it. but still. alhamdulillah. i am so happy. because today, i got the chances to meet my friends, and teachers. haha. long time no see.

Well, it's okay to get something that we didn't want. for example; bad spm result. no matter what we get, it is ours. so, never feel bad. instead, be proud of it.

Remember. the golden key towards success is to be a positive-thinker. convince yourself that your achievement is something to be proud of. never care what others say and stay positive.

I have one female friend, named Aida. she is a positive person. eventhough her result is just okay, she seems cheerful like always. i really admire her spirit. she said, "well, it's just the beginning," and she laughed. that's the attitude.

Adi, one of my friends, also is a positive person. his result is just okay too, but he didn't seems sad. he is a very nice friend. yes. i do heard, he, sometime blaming himself. but it last just a second. then, he'll started to cheered himself up again. that's cool.

Never feel bad about our achievement. work harder and success is ours.


Hey there fellow readers. guess what. today, the spm result will be announce.

I really do hope mine is not too bad. i don't know. i frequenlty mind-setting myself to say bad things. hey, that's not an attitude for a champ. wake up bro!

Okay. whatever result i might get is the one i deserved so much. no one to blame. no one is at fault. the result is meant for me. so, chill lah. actually, i don't feel like going to school today. but my parent insisted.

My mom said, "we have to accept the reality." and my dad continued, " no matter how far we run, the reality is there upon our very eyes." so, i guess it's okay to fail. darn it. i do it again. stop saying negative stuff!

Last night, i was online and i'd a chat with my friends. we were talking about today's big event. most of them saying "i'm dead."  "i don't feel like going to school tomorrow." "i feel sick." "my result gonna be bad." readers, stop saying negative stuff!

This is one of the primary problems we (mostly) have. no matter in what situation, we always thinking about the negative outcome. why do we have to scare ourselves with these kind of nightmares? there is low percentages it'll become true, though.

Our brother, maher zain said, "don't despair and never lose hope. cause Allah is always by your side" (hey, i'm not promoting maher zain. this is the words my friend, marwan shared with me). so, repeat after me...

Tuesday, March 22


May peace be upon you.

On this morning, during breakfast, i'd a chat with my dad. he said, my 3 years old cousin look alike me when i was a child. hey, i was more adorable them him okay. haha. so, i asked my dad, "what do you mean by that?"

He said, "when you were a child, you fear nothing.'' okay, i still doesn't get it.

''You always chasing anything you interested with, no matter what happened. i still remember. once, you were chasing a little cat when we were having a dinner at a restaurant. you chased the cat ups and downs..." he paused awhile. drinking his tea.

" was dark though. and there were many strangers but you still chasing it...." my dad continued.

Oh, now i get it. i do remember that part of my life. when i was a child, i'd nothing to fear with. a question mark strucks my mind. why as i'm getting older i got afraid to things too much? i afraid about; people's thougth about me and obstacles that i'd never seen.

Why am i worrying to much? why can't i just ignore or just go through the million obstacles to achieve my dream? is myself when i was a child is better than me on the present?

Saturday, March 19


assalamualaikum w.b.t.

it was approximately a month ago when my grandma passed away. she exhaled her last breath at hospital putrajaya. although, i, myself didn't have much thing related to her, i, also was taken aback. she is my grandma and always will be.

it was in the morning, i, like always, updating my entry (in my first blog) alone at the living room; my father was at his office. my mom, aunt, along and angah were at yayasan pahang. and my little brother, afiq, went to school. i was the only person at home (my 'bibik' was excluded).

then, my mom and aunt came back. i could sensed something was not right. "bangde" my mother called. "wan just passed away this morning." hey, wait a minute. on the last two day, wan was still fine. yes. she was in the intensive care unit (icu) but still, she looked fine to me. i was totally blank.

that evening, around 2 o'clock, my family and i reached our village in janda baik. there were almost everyone. i stepped in, and all people seems really sad. about 1 hour before asar, wan was buried at the burial-ground in the village. i was there, standing beside the others, witnessing the burial.

as i try to get hold of myself. i wonder. what if my grandma was not the only one died? what happened if my beloved person was in her place? oh, gosh. it surely sounds pessimistic. but it could be, right? what about you (readers), what will you do if someone you love gone forever? will you regret? or will you stay calm rather than feel guilty?

upon that very moment, i made myself an oath. i will become a better, a stronger person one day, so, my beloved one can passed on calmly.

have you ever lost someone you really care?

Friday, March 18



~when you have reason(s) and act accordingly, you are taking another step.

Thursday, March 17


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hey, still remember the first newton's law; inertia? (i learn it in form 4)
it stated that an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.

When i woke up today, this newton things started to mess my head up. soon, i figure out something very interesting. well, i am not so sure if this (below) idea had been promoted by anyone or not. but here it goes.

First, it stated that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force. okay, now i'll continue in malay. sesuatu tindakan atau perbuatan akan berterusan selagi diamalkan dan tidak akan terhenti selagi tiada halangan. bagi aku bende ni same dengan prinsip ISTIQAMAH. selagi kite istiqamah melakukan sesuatu amalan ia tak akan pernah terhenti. for example is facebooking. so, obviously istiqamah is important for real.

Second an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. think it through, isn't this statement is same as... Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu selagi kaum itu tidak mengubahnya.

awesome, right? islam and science do get along. em. my point is. whatever thing you are practicing right now, just keep it in motion. as long it is a good thing to do. never stop. it'll pay off one day.

peace out

Wednesday, March 16


how's life? nice or what. well, on the last tuesday i took the static test (the test for driving license course). oh, yes. when i reach 'the place' (i don't remember what the name is. bhaha) i am feeling really great. i'm pretty sure dat i'm gonna pass this MCQ test. hell yeah. seems over confident right? cut short. I FAILED. *whooa*

dissapointed i am. for real dude. i am not expecting this. i scored 41 out of 50. just 1 more mark to pass the test. arghhh. i can't take it. the question is simple man. most of my friends pass the test in one shot. but me? yep. i've to repeat the test. oh, what a waste.

and this is another story. one day before i take the static test, it was the english class. as one of the male students (there are only two male students there. WTF!!), i was asked to present my 'thing' first. i am so not ready for it. so, i just pretend to be cool and start my presentation. hey, what do you know? im totally sucks. my presentation is a failure. then, i realised that i am not well prepared.

and so, as my hobby is to think hard. i think about it thoroughly. about the test and the presentation. em. yes. for sure. there is no one to blame."i do know that preparation is necessary to succeed. and i also know that i lack of preparation. so, my bad." sorry mom and dad for wasting your hard-earned money. i'll repay both of you one day.

i do learn my lesson. preparation is compulsary. in any kind of aspect. there are preparation; to succeed in life, to rest in peace, and to share love. if you are so not prepared, BACK-OFF. never try it. or you'll face the consequences. like i did.

so, that's all for now. yosh!

Tuesday, March 15


Both my parent taught me a lot about appreciating others. always say ''thank you'' when people do nice to us. but hey im an ordinary teenage boy. saying ''thank you'' is just not my stuff. when others do nice things to me. i simply smile.

But as i grow up. i'd listened to many kind of stories from my friends, siblings and of course my parents. one similarity i'd soon found is; people always appreciate things/others when they are completely gone for good.

For example is TIME. as one of the spm leavers, i do miss the time when i'm still in school. hanging out with friends, break the school's rules, beating annoying juniors, and skip classes. you all got the picture, right? it was so wonderful (although the schedule is packed). still, i'm the king of my own.

When school's over,  i was totally lost. i can't suit myself with the new environment, without people called friends around. i've a massive amount of leisure time.

Then, i started to recall the million advice i heard. "Hey, Din," my friend said. "To remember (appreciate) the past is good to potrait our future. BUT do bare in mind, the present is more valuable as it will become history in seconds." 

Monday, March 14


Assalamualaikum wbt

Hye. i'm [enonimus]. this blog is created to motivate me and (with god's will) YOU as the noble reader.

Lately, i've been reading various kind of motivational type of books. and these books i read inspired me a lot. so, with some knowledge i acquired from those books + my experience in today's life = im going to share with you stories about life, self-motivation and success. do enjoy reading my upcoming entry..

Peace out.